page1 W1S1 [peıdʒ] n
3¦(young person)¦
4 on the same page
7 a page in history
[Sense: 1-2,4,7; Date: 1500-1600; : French; Origin: Latin pagina]
[Sense: 3,5-6; Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: Old Italian paggio]
1.) ¦(PAPER)¦
one side of a piece of paper in a book, newspaper, document etc, or the sheet of paper itself
The address is given on page 15 .
You'll find the answers at the bottom of the page.
Her picture appeared on the front page of a local newspaper.
Complete the booking form on the opposite page .
The answers are over the page .
I never read the business pages .
a full page article
a half-page ad
a 400 page novel
She waited, idly turning the pages of a magazine.
He took out a notebook, and flicked through the pages .
For full details see page 99.
One name seemed to leap off the page from the list of candidates.
Start each section of your essay on a new page.
2.) ¦(COMPUTER)¦
all the writing etc that you can see at one time on a computer screen
a web page (=a single screen of writing, pictures etc on a website)
AmE a student, usually a student, who works as a helper to a member of the US Congress
4.) on the same page
if a group of people are on the same page, they are working well together and have the same aims
We need to get environmentalists and businesses on the same page to improve things.
5.) ¦(BOY)¦
a) a boy who served a ↑knight during the Middle Ages as part of his training
b) a ↑pageboy
6.) ¦(SERVANT)¦
a boy who in the past served a person of high rank
7.) a page in history
an important event or period of time
COLLOCATES for sense 1
(on) page 5/20/360 etc
the top/bottom of the page
the front/back page (=of a newspaper)
the opposite/facing page
over the page British English (=on the next left-hand page)
the sports/fashion/financial etc pages (=pages about sports, fashion, money etc in a newspaper)
full/half page
turn a page
flick through the pages (of something) (=turn the pages without reading carefully)
see/turn to/go to page 22, 49 etc
jump/leap off the page (=be very easy to notice)
a blank/new/clean/fresh page (=a page that you have not written on yet)
page 2
page2 v [T]
1.) to call someone's name out in a public place, especially using a ↑loudspeaker, in order to find them
She hurried to the reception desk and asked the girl to page her husband.
2.) to send a message to someone's ↑pager asking them to go somewhere or telephone someone
He was constantly being paged during meetings.
the paging network
page down phr v
to press a special key on a computer that makes the screen show the page after the one you are reading
It's not there, so page down and see if you can find it.
page through [page through sth] phr v
to look at a book, magazine etc by turning the pages quickly
page up phr v
to press a special key on a computer that makes the screen show the page before the one you are reading

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(attending a royal or noble personage or a legislature),

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